Diary of A Wimpy Kid The Long Haul Reviewed By Jon E Clist

The Premise
A Heffley family road trip to attend Meemaw's 90th birthday party goes hilariously off course thanks to Greg's newest scheme to get to a video gaming convention. This family cross-country adventure turns into an experience the Heffleys will never forget.

The Review
Because the release dates of this film and the previous Diary of a Wimpy Kid film are so spaced apart, child actors such as Zachary Gordon from the previous films will not be reprising their roles due to being too old for their characters. Also, many of the adult actors have begun working on other projects. So, it was the easiest decision to invite an entire new cast for the film. In fact, many fans of the franchise expressed a lot of anger at all the recasting for this film, especially when it came to Rodrick, spawning the popular meme "#notmyrodrick", a parody of the "#notmypresident" trend that became popular after the election of President Donald Trump.

I wasn’t expecting much from this film and it delivered. Loads of poo jokes and plotlines aimed at ten-year-old boys. However even our Ten-Year-Old boy kind of thought it was an average film. Sure, some of the jokes were laughable and it was kind of fun to watch what I kind of felt was the return of Alicia Silverstone to the big screen. However, after doing a little online stalking I realise that she has been pretty busy in many small budget films with a few roles on TV shows. (That I obviously don’t watch) I was thinking to myself what stink role to make a comeback with and yet unfortunately for Silverstone it is rather indicative of all the other roles she has been doing in the past decade. I am sure she doesn’t need my advice for her career but it has been great for several big named actors to hit TV in strong dramas and comedies and make a massive impact there… just saying.

This is not one of those films that is multi-layered so there is content for the adults that re watching with their kids. However with this film being aimed at tweenage boys, this is definitely a drop and shop kind of film.

The Verdict
Probably a wait for DVD or steaming option here unless you are a massive fan of the series.

The Trailer

The Info
Releases: 6th July 2017
Rating: PG – Contains coarse language
Duration: 91 minutes 
Genre:  Family
Starring: Jason Drucker, Alicia Silverstone, Tom Everett Scott
Director: David Bowers (Diary of A Wimpy Kid Roderick Rules)

The Extras

Jeff Kinney expressed interest in making the film animated.

The short script shared for auditioners feature lines from both Hard Luck and The Long Haul.

Originally Rowley was going to have a larger role in the film than in the book, in which he only appears in one flashback illustration that was in the book. However, he only had a small part in the beginning and ending of the movie much like in the book. So, this marks the first time since the three previous films he only has a minor role.

This movie uses plot elements from several Wimpy Kid books.

Tom Everett Scott plays Frank Heffley in the movie, this role was formerly held by Steve Zahn. Steve Zahn and Tom Everett Scott starred together in "That Thing You Do!" (1996).

The actress who played the mother of Greg in the past three movies, Rachael Harris, played the mother of the new Greg, Jason Drucker, in the movie Barely Lethal.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul started filming on September 20, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia and finished on November 18, 2016.